Tolls Both Management Services

Our Intelligent toll management solution (ITS / ITMS) provides a powerful lane engine with its associated sub-systems that facilitate a fraud-free transaction management allowing for a steady, accurate, and traceable financial flow. The deployed sub-systems work independently within their control and harmoniously interface with the lane engine. The entire intelligent toll system is capable of monitoring multiple toll plazas by way of data driven controls and video tracking capabilities at the main control center.
We provide Toll Management Systems and solutions that is a high-end solution can be implemented for Electronic Toll Collection / ETC (IR, MW, RFID 18000 6 C) on Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF) or work in hybrid mode allowing for various methods of payment involving cash, smartcard, and RFID tags. The intelligent Toll Management Systems (ETMS) developed by Pam Forces Pvt Ltd caters to the specific needs of toll road projects in India.